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Over the last half term, Thatchers Class have been learning to ride! We travel to a farm near St Mary Bourne where we meet Alex, her RDA ladies and their ponies. We were all quite nervous to begin with and some of us were not at all sure that we wanted to ride at all! However, after some apprehensive introductions on the first week soon most of us were mounted on a pony and enjoying riding around the arena. The ponies were all beautifully well behaved, calm and patient with our new riders and the children were soon able to give simple commands to instruct the ponies to ‘walk on’ and ‘woah!’ as well as steer them around the arena and in and out of cones. We have also been learning how to groom and take care of the ponies, as well as the names for the different parts of the horse and the tack. After half term, we will be having a break from riding for the winter months, but we are all really looking forward to returning in the springtime to see our new friends Smarties, Rocket, Belle, Molly and Solo!

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