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Shepherds Class have been busy learning all about their outside environment. We have explored the fantastic outdoor areas which we have around school including The Fort, Woodland Walk and the Field. The children went out equipped with magnifying glasses to hunt for insects and any signs that insects had lived there. Some children knew to lift up logs and look under stones and deep into the grass to find more insects. We were lucky enough to find snails, slugs, woodlice, ants, centipedes and more. The children took photos of them and made sure that they were ok before replacing any logs and stones. We have been learning about what different insects look like and what they need to live. The children talked about what they need; food, water, somewhere to keep warm and were interested to know that the insects needed the same. We all made some insect houses and started to think about other animals that live in our outdoor areas. The children noticed that we have lots of birds. We all made bird feeders and bird houses and have been keeping an eye to see how many birds have been visiting. We have also been thinking about plants and have been looking after our vegetable patch by planting seeds and watering them regularly. The children enjoyed exploring different herbs from our herb garden and have used some within their cooking to make herby bread.

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