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We have been busy learning all about our new class. We have been doing lots of activities to get to know each other such as going on photo hunts and singing songs with everyone’s name. We have been finding out what we like to do and play with in Shepherds Class with trains and books being some of our favourites! We have been learning to take turns and share resources with others and have loved taking turns playing the bunny hop game. We have also enjoyed taking turns using the pipettes to transfer the water to and from different containers.

We have been getting very messy when learning about different body parts and have loved paint printing with our hands, feet and arms! We have enjoyed some body parts songs including Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and have explored a range of different pieces of clothing including hats, trousers, scarfs, coats and boots. We have also been learning about what we look like and have been making lots of silly faces in mirrors and have made our own silly paper plate faces.

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