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School Council

New School Councilors Elected 2017/2018

On the 6th of October, our new school councillors received the good news that they had been elected by their peers to represent them this year.
The new councillors for 2017/18 are:
Owen, Hayden, Danny, John, Logan-Lee, Bradley, Sigurd and Ben.


Lunch Clubs

The School Councilors created a survey to discover which lunch time clubs would be the most and least popular with the children at Norman Gate School. The results can now be announced with clubs starting imminently; Dance, Lego/Kinex/table games and IT


School Council Requests

School Councilors have requested outdoor instruments be purchased for the playground. They will be writing to the Friends of Norman Gate School to formally propose this suggestion.


Norman Gate School Charity

School Councillors will be putting forward suggestions and voting for the chosen school charity, at their next meeting. We will keep you updated as this information unfolds.

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