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School Council

New School Councillors Elected 2016/2017


On the 2nd of October, our new school councillors received the good news that they had been elected by their peers to represent them this year.
The new councillors for 2016/17 are:  
Kaitlyn, Lydia, Michael, Leo, Cody, Ellie, Oliver, Jacob.

School Council Survey Lunch Clubs


School Councillors wanted to find out which lunch time club was the most and least popular with the children at Norman Gate School. Councillors created a class survey to discover this information. Results will be collected from the survey very soon.

Norman Gate School Supports RDA (Riding for the Disabled) and Water Aid


This year's school charity has been chosen by the school councillors. This year, the children at Norman Gate will raise money for RDA (Riding for the Disabled) and also for Water Aid
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