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What’s it like to be me?


Nursery have been very busy this year and have been working on topics including ‘What’s it like to be me?’, ‘What shall I play with?’ and ‘What’s the weather like today?’.

Indoors we have been exploring lot of different toys such as:

  • Construction – big bricks, small bricks, magnetic shapes and Mr Potato Head!

  • Small world toys – including cars, trains, the dolls’ house, the farm and various animals

  • Role-play toys – the home corner and dressing up

  • Art activities – painting, printing, gluing and cutting

  • Sensory trays –lots of containers to fill with sand, rice, oats, water, foam, pasta or lentils

  • Electronic toys – a guitar that can be played, programmable bee robots and a toy microwave

Through these activities the children have been developing their understanding of the world, motor skills, maths, social skills and communication.

We have also been practising key skills like listening, with activities such as identifying which instrument can be heard; counting, using lots of interesting number songs with props; and taking turns with games and favourite toys.

Outdoors we have been exploring different areas around the school including:

  • The Nursery playground

  • Barley Hill

  • Little Land

  • The field and Woodland Walk

It has been very interesting to observe the changing seasons outside and there are always new sounds and textures to investigate. Outside there are also lots of opportunities to practise gross motor and physical skills particularly, for example when climbing playground equipment, riding bikes and when playing running and chasing games.

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Getting Messy!


We learn all kinds of things when we get messy in the nursery. 


Water is one of the best ways. Pouring and filling cups and jugs, splashing and swirling with whisks and spoons, blowing bubbles with straws, floating boats and washing toys…we even like to paddle in it. Sometimes we make the water into blue goo or snow.


We get messy using things we find in the kitchen. Playing with flour, rice, pasta and lentils provides a sensory experience and an opportunity for role play and experimenting. It’s fun to dress up as a baker, sprinkle flour on to a black floor and search for treasures in the rice.


We also like to get messy in the art corner, painting with our hands and feet, brushes, rollers and sticks. We make cinnamon play dough, create sticky pictures and walk the chalk…


We are learning through play and getting messy in the process.

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