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Millers class have been having lots of fun learning about space this half term. A space craft arrived at our school with a letter from Sid asking them to help find out lots of information about space to write back to him. In the space craft there was freeze dried ice cream for the children to try. They have enjoyed using the internet to research different questions that they wanted to find the answers out for. On a recent visit to the Science Centre the children got to take part in many different activities to go alongside their classwork. The children enjoyed using art to paint the different phases of the moon and also the planets which have been used to create a display in school.

We are currently putting all our information together so we can write back to Sid at the end of the topic to tell him all about our learning.



Merchants Class have been enjoying their science based topic. They have planned and carried out lots of experiments including making ‘plastic milk’, cleaning coins with different acidic substances and finding out how milk and food colouring react with washing up liquid. You can see some photos from their experiments below. They enjoyed working together and trying hard to think scientifically, focusing on how to make their experiments fair.


During their regular sessions at the MUGA at Markway, Merchants Class are learning basic hockey skills. The first lesson was lots of fun, as they had a go at using Unihock sticks and working together as a team. They are excited about playing a full hockey game before Half-term.

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